Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Distance Between

I excited to be finishing another project! It seems like a simple idea can take so long to bring to fruition. But, this one started a few months ago when I was sitting in the park on lunch time writing down a list of memories when I felt an emotional response caused by physical distance.
Of couse each memory produced an image in my head, so I thought it would make a good sequential story.

Inspired by non-traditional formats I've seen creators use in their comic books I decided to use a format I haven't seen - a 10" wide by 3.5" high layout (so I can staple to binding with a standard stapler) and used a more "designy" approach to my illustrations and emphasis "distance". I'm only printing 25 copies and selling them for $4 each. I'll be introducing them at the MN Fall Convention (midwestcomicbooks.com)

Here are some sample pages:

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